Short fiction by Alejandro de Gutierre

Grandmothers Hands cover
Grandmother's Hands
In the wake of personal loss and regret, Jan Karla grapples with her fear of flying as she contemplates a trip to Denver to be with her pregnant sister, Gisela. Torn between her past failures and her desire to make amends, Jan Karla embarks on a journey of reconciliation, armed with the power of cooking—and the words of her grandmother—and the hope that a humble omelette can pave the way to healing their fractured relationship.                                                                                                                                        
Second place winner:
Vocal Media Summer Fiction Series 2021
In the Shadow cover art
In the Shadow
In a post-apocalyptic world plagued by “the Changed—” mutated humans who rove the darkness—Marion and her husband search for any safe haven with reliable lighting. When they stumble upon a secluded house with steady illumination, their nascent hopes for respite are shattered as they uncover dark secrets about its occupants. As the darkness encroaches and their fears intensify, Marion must confront the terrifying truth lurking within the illuminated sanctuary—and must confront a hard truth within herself.
First place winner:
Dillydoun International Fiction Prize 2021
I Will Never Be Alone cover art
I Will Never Be Alone
After fleeing a frightening change in her husband back in Oakland, Teresa seeks refuge in her grandmother’s home in Italy. However, as she grapples with her traumatic past, a series of unsettling experiences raise questions about her family’s history—and her own sanity. Determined to uncover the truth, Teresa delves into the ancient art of Italy, embarking on a journey that will unravel dark secrets and ultimately challenge her sense of strength, her sense of self, and her very connection to her own family.
First place winner:
Uncharted Mag 2022 Short Story Award
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