About Alejandro de Gutierre...

Alejandro de Gutierre is a writer living in California. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest (USA), Alejandro obtained a BA in English from Willamette University after brief flirtations with Chemistry and Theater (in that order). 

After spending years as an on-again, off-again music maker, Alejandro realized that he loved music, but didn’t love *making* music, something he had been doing for twenty+ years.

Photo of de Gutierre

In July of 2014, Alejandro decided to become a writer. He has been diligently writing and learning about the craft of storytelling ever since that time.

He self-published his first book, The Rat Tunnels of Isfahan in 2017.

In 2021, he won second place in Vocal Media‘s Summer Fiction Series challenge for his story Grandmother’s Hands. Alejandro also received an Honorable Mention from Writer’s Digest for his story, In a Cucumber.

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