An amnesiac prisoner, struggling for survival in a brutal desert prison where men go to disappear—or die—seizes an opportunity for freedom that may cost him his life, or worse, his sanity.

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An imprisoned man awakens to find himself face-to-face with the Indian Red Scorpion, harbinger of the brutal and terrible 3-day death. He hopes in vain for someone to come and help him – a guard, perhaps – though he knows the Turkmen mercenary guards are almost as dangerous as the Scorpion.
He knows he wants to live, he knows he has forgotten something – something in his past, perhaps – but he has no recollection of who he is or where he has come from.

Before long, he realizes he must fight the Scorpion, but when a guard arrives at last, he is spared the confrontation. Instead, the arrival of the guard signals a chance for the amnesiac to escape the hellish prison, but fear and doubt turn out to be his true enemies.

Follow the amnesiac prisoner through the Rat Tunnels of Isfahan as he flirts with death and skates along the edge of madness, desperate for a glimpse of his identity – some memory that will remind him of who he was. Follow him as he loses one friend and gains another, and ultimately finds himself making the impossible choice between madness and death.

How far can a man be pushed, before fear becomes irrelevant to him?

What does it mean to truly lose everything?



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