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Today was a day like any other. Spent an hour and a half in the morning working on the structure of a forthcoming novel. Black coffee, no cream or sugar. Fasted until about noon, then made myself a veritable feast of premade breakfast burritos and fresh blueberries and granola in Greek yogurt—and more coffee. Very […]

Touching gods and goddesses

When I was very young, only three years old, I had the good fortune of being buckled into a pair of ski boots and dressed in mountain clothing by my parents. I gather that there was a considerable amount of crying, right up until the moment I found myself physically sliding over snow. Apparently I […]

Writing, creating, sharing

Writing is a craft. As with most crafts, the one who undertakes to write must also learn to construct a business around the art of writing—and though the amount of time spent writing maybe greater, the attention and care with which one builds a business must be equal to the professionalism that one brings to the […]

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