Alejandro de Gutierre is a writer living in California. His first book, The Rat Tunnels of Isfahan, was published in Sept., 2017. Book One of a trilogy, Rat Tunnels has been described by some of its early readers as “emotionally engaging,” and full of “great detail; Super nail-biting.” Book Two will be published in Spring of 2018, and Book Three in late 2018.

Alejandro was born and raised in Tacoma, WA, and obtained a BA in English from Salem, OR’s Willamette University after a brief flirtation with Chemistry and Theater (in that order).

More about Alejandro…
Alejandro decided to become a writer in July of 2014. He awoke one day that month, and realized that he loved music, but didn’t love *making* music, something he had been trying to do off and on for twenty+ years. He jumped into his car and drove to the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona alone, and after an excruciating hike into the Grand Canyon, he bathed in the waters of a Colorado River tributary, and realized that what he really wanted to do was to tell stories. He has been diligently writing and learning about the craft of writing ever since that time.

Alejandro plans to use his writing to sponsor literacy efforts for people around the world.